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Rooted in a rich tapestry of multi-generational wisdom, Diane and John bring to their teaching a profound understanding of film acting, meticulously crafted through their own journeys as dedicated actors and filmmakers, enriched by the enduring lessons passed down from their parents' Hollywood careers and further refined over three decades of nurturing aspiring actors through Clu Gulager's Film Acting Workshop.

Diane Ayala Goldner

After meeting John Gulager in Clu Gulager's Film Acting Workshop in the late 1970s, Diane soon became John's "better half," and was officially ushered into the Gulager clan. Starting out in the workshop as the microphone boom operator, she became an irreplaceable member of the workshop team, handling a multitude of tasks to assist Clu in his teachings.

Actor Diane Ayala Goldner is well known for PROJECT GREENLIGHT 3 and as the Harley Mom/Biker Queen in the cult classicFEAST, FEAST II: Sloppy Seconds and FEAST III: Happy Finish. Other credits include: THE COLLECTOR, HALLOWEEN II, CHILDREN OF THE CORN: RUNAWAY, THE SHIELD, and the multilingual LGBTQ+ television series, MIGUEL. Diane grew up in East LA, Orange County and Mexico City and is fluent in both English and Spanish. She came of age with the great punk artists of New York's Lower East Side in the '80s. She has worked in numerous avant-garde theatrical productions, including NAUGHTY NAUGHTY MR JAMES JOYCE, written and directed by Clu Gulager and Ingmar Bergman's "THE DAY ENDS EARLY", which she performed at Bergman-Fest in Sweden. She has been working for over 3 decades as the producer of the life changing, renegade, Clu Gulager's Film Acting Workshop.

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John Gulager

John is the son of Clu Gulager  and Miriam Byrd Nethery. As you may imagine he has been immersed in the cinematic arts since birth.

It is 1969 and 12 year old John Gulager is perched on the hood of his father’s Cadillac, gliding down Universal Studio’s New York Street, shooting super 8 footage, always keeping an eye out for the studio security. Since John was 5 years old he was smuggled into the studios under blankets, with a wink and a nod from Scotty at the main gate,on the back floor of his parents’ car. He became adept at eluding the authorities on the back lots of studios as his father and mother worked in movies and television series. He usually played on a PT boat, a river boat and/or various aircraft mockups. Sometimes he was caught.

Since then John has worked as an actor, composer, director, cinematographer and producer.

His accomplishments include winning Matt Damon and Ben Afleck's PROJECT GREENLIGHT 3 which led to the cult classics FEAST, FEAST II: Sloppy Seconds and FEAST III: Happy Finish.

There is really so much more John has done which we will cover in the linked page.

John has been involved with his Fathers workshops for most of his life and is honored to carry on the legacy.

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